11 Tips about Mixing Bronzer with a Moisturizer

Bronzers when applied on the face and shoulders can result to a beautiful, golden glow. Glowing skin is great for summer for any skin type. Bronzers come in a pink, gold or silky tan base color in a small container with a shaker top. You need to flip the powder upside down with the lid on and shake the powder down before using them.

A branded bronzer is costly and you don’t have any guarantee if you like the product or if it will work for you or not. To save money, you can make your own bronzer or you can use broken makeup products to make your own bronzer. Learn to mix and create tones that will give you a sun-kissed look.

Mix Bronzer with Moisturizer Tip #1

You must prepare the following things that you will be using:

Eye shadow brush

Powder eye shadow in a light color

Shaker top jar with lid

Cocoa butter

Unscented baby powder

Ground cinnamon

Measuring spoon

Glass measuring cup

Small whisk

Tip #2

Pour the eye shadow into the measuring cup by using the eye shadow brush to mash it in the cup. A pink, light brown or sparkling gold eye shadow can give you a bright radiance.

Tip #3

Pour ¼ cup of unscented baby powder or just plain face powder to the measuring cup.

Tip #4

Add ½ tablespoon of cocoa powder and ½ tablespoon of ground cinnamon to the glass measuring a cup. If you prefer a darker bronzer, you can add more cocoa powder and ground cinnamon.

Tip #5

Whisk all the ingredients in the glass measuring cup until they are all well blended. Now you can dip your clean finger into the bronzer and rub it onto your skin. If you are not contented with the result, you can adjust the mixture. Add a little bit of baby powder if it is too dark or more coca if it is too light. You can also add another eye shadow if you are not satisfied with the shimmer. Whisk again the contents until fully blended.

Tip #6

Now, you can pour the contents of the measuring cup into the shaker-top jar. If you don’t own a shaker jar, you can use an empty baby food jar or any small container.

Tip #7

Use a bronzing brush to apply the bronzer and swirl it on your face, neck and shoulders in a circular motion.

You can also mix your everyday face powder or body moisturizer with a bronzer. Here’s how to do it.

Tip #8

Put your moisturizer in a cosmetic jar. The jar can be purchased in any beauty supply or drug stores for the amount of a few dollars only.

Tip #9

Add a small amount of liquid bronzer. The more bronzer you pour, the darker the tint is, so you can add gradually until you reach the desired color. If your bronzer is a powder the scoop it out from its original package and pour into the jar of moisturizer with the use of spatula.

Tip #10

Mix the moisturizer and bronzer together using the spatula until thoroughly mixed.

Tip #11

Dip your finger into the mixture and get a small amount and apply it to your face and neck. You can also apply onto your shoulders if they are exposed.

Having a sun-kissed look does not have to be expensive.  Just follow these tips and you’ll have a bronzed glow in a flash.

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