3 Important Tips about the Pros and Cons of Female Condoms

There are 14 million female condoms that are distributed annually in the whole world as compared to 9 billion male condoms. This in fact shows the importance and use of female condoms

Pros and Cons of Female Condoms Tip #1: What are Female Condoms?

Female condoms are the lubricated pouches which are made of Polyurethane type of plastic or latex which women wear inside their vagina when having sex. The female condom has ring on both ends. The end which possesses a closed end of sheath lies inside the vagina and the ring with an open end of sheath lies outside the vagina after you insert the condom. The female condom is thin, loose fitting and flexible. They are larger and wider than male condoms and are very easy to carry. Like male condoms they are also disposable. They don’t need any storage as polyurethane is not affected by temperature changes or dampness. The material used for female condoms is safe that they are less likely to cause any allergic reactions.

Tip #2: How to Use Female Condoms

Wash your hands thoroughly before opening the packet.


The condom should be inserted 8 hours before having sex. Insert the condom while squatting with knees apart or lie down with legs bent apart or stand with one foot up on the chair. Choose any position that you feel comfortable with.


Be sure to lubricate the condom before inserting it so that you don’t have to stop in between your highest peak of sex play.


Hold the sheath and let the open end hanging down.


Use your thumb and middle finger to squeeze the inner ring to make it long and narrow before inserting the inner ring and sheath into the opening of the vagina. Then push it slowly with your index finger as far as you can.


Don’t let the condom be twisted inside the vagina.


Hold the male organ with your palm gently and guide it into the condom and don’t let it slip into the vagina outside the condom. If the condom happens to slip during the sexual intercourse, you should stop at once and pull out carefully the female condom.


In order to keep all the fluids inside the condom after intercourse, you must squeeze and twist the outer ring.


Discard female condom after each use. Do not reuse them. You can throw it in the toilet after intercourse.

Tip #3: Purpose of the Female Condom


Women use female condoms even their partners refused to so as to protect themselves and their partners from STDs.

Female condom prevents pregnancy.



Polyurethane condoms are easier to break and slip than latex.

Failure rate is more than other contraceptive methods.

Many women have complained about the noise created by the condom and the discomfort during intercourse as the outer ring is visible outside the vagina.

Female condoms are harder to insert and remove and more expensive than male condoms.


Female condoms should not be used for anal sex because it is hard to use and is painful. This may also cause rectal bleeding which increases the risk of contracting HIV.


The female condom should not be used at the same time with the male condom because the friction between the two will cause the condoms to break.


Female condom has both pros and cons.  So before you purchase one, you must take these things into consideration first.

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